In dentistry, the portion of the tooth that is covered by enamel. Also a type of restoration that covers all or most of the natural tooth.
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1. Any structure, normal or pathologic, resembling or suggesting a c. or a wreath. 2. In dentistry, that part of a tooth that is covered with enamel, or an artificial substitute for that part. SYN: corona [TA]. [L. corona]
- anatomical c. SYN: c. of tooth.
- artificial c. a fixed restoration of the major part of the entire coronal part of a natural tooth; usually of gold, porcelain, or acrylic resin.
- bell-shaped c. the c. of a tooth that has an exaggerated occlusogingival contour; human deciduous molars typify the bell-shaped c..
- ciliary c. SYN: corona ciliaris.
- clinical c. that part of the c. of a tooth visible in the oral cavity. SYN: corona clinica.
- c. of head SYN: corona capitis.
- jacket c. a hollow c. of acrylic resin, fused porcelain or cast gold, combinations of gold and acrylic or gold and porcelain; it fits over the prepared stump of the natural c..
- radiate c. SYN: corona radiata.
- c. of tooth the portion of a tooth covered with enamel. SYN: anatomical c., corona dentis.
- c. of Venus papular lesions of secondary syphilis on the forehead near the hair margin.

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crown 'krau̇n n
1) the topmost part of the skull or head
2) the part of a tooth external to the gum or an artificial substitute for this
crown vt to put an artificial crown on (a tooth) vi in childbirth to appear at the vaginal opening used of the first part (as the crown of the head) of the infant to appear <an anesthetic was given when the head \crowned>

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1. the part of a tooth normally visible in the mouth and usually covered by enamel.
2. a dental restoration that covers most or all of the natural crown. It may be made of porcelain (sometimes bonded to a metal substructure), gold, a combination of these, or less commonly other materials. Most crowns are like thimbles and are custom made to fit over a trimmed-down tooth. A post crown is used to restore a tooth when insufficient of the natural crown remains. A post is inserted into the root and the missing centre of the tooth is built up; over it is fitted a thimble-like crown to restore the natural shape of the tooth. root canal treatment is required before a post crown can be made.

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(kroun) [L. corona] 1. the topmost part of an organ or other structure, such as the top of the head, or the upper part of a tooth (corona dentis [TA]); see anatomical c. and physiological c. 2. artificial c.

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