Mental activity during sleep in which events, thought, emotions, and images are experienced as real.
- anxiety d. a d. (or nightmare) in which morbid fear and anxiety form an important part.
- wet d. a true physiologic orgasm during sleep including, in males, a nocturnal seminal emission usually accompanying a d. with sexual content.

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dream 'drēm n, often attrib a series of thoughts, images, or emotions occurring during sleep and esp. during REM sleep compare DAYDREAM
dream 'drēm vb, dreamed 'drem(p)t, 'drēmd or dreamt 'drem(p)t; dream·ing 'drē-miŋ vi
1) to have a dream
2) to indulge in daydreams or fantasies vt to have a dream of
dream·er 'drē-mər n

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(drēm) 1. a mental phenomenon occurring during sleep in which images, emotions, and thoughts are experienced with a sense of reality. Dreaming occurs during REM sleep; typically there are four or five such periods a night having a total duration of about 90 minutes. Freud originated psychological interpretation of dreams, theorizing that dreams enable the conscious expression of repressed unconscious impulses and wishes. 2. to experience such a phenomenon.

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