Hemophilia A
Classic hemophilia due to profound deficiency of factor VIII in the blood, which is necessary for normal clotting. The hemophilia A gene is on the X chromosome, so females carry the gene. Each son of a female carrier stands a 50 percent chance of receiving the gene and having hemophilia. Treatment is by blood products that introduce clotting factor and replace lost blood. However, use of contaminated blood products exposed many people with hemophilia to HIV infection in the 1980s. Hemophilia A has affected the Russian royal house and other descendants of Queen Victoria.

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hemophilia A n hemophilia caused by the absence of factor VIII from the blood

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the most common type of hemophilia, an X-linked recessive condition caused by mutation in the coagulation factor VIII gene (F8, locus: Xq28) that results in deficiency of the factor. Called also classical h.

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