Abbreviation for ammeter.
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Academic Medicine [journal]; actomyosin; acute myelofibrosis; adult male; adult monocyte; aerospace medicine; affected male; akinetic mutism; alcoholic male; alveolar macrophage; alveolar mucosa; amacrine cell; ambulatory; amethopterin; ametropia; ammeter; amperemeter; ampicillin; amplitude modulation; amyl; anovular menstruation; anterior mitral leaflet; antimycotic; arithmetic mean; arousal mechanism; articular manipulation; aviation medicine; axiomesial; meter angle; myopic astigmatism

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AM abbr
1) [Latin ante meridiem] before noon
2) [Medieval Latin Artium Magister] master of arts

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[L.] Arґtium Magisґter (Master of Arts).

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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