The breaking of a chemical bond with the addition of the elements of ammonia (NH2 and H) at the point of breakage. [ammonia + G. lysis, dissolution]

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am·mo·nol·y·sis .am-ə-'näl-ə-səs n, pl -y·ses -.sēz a chemical reaction similar to hydrolysis in which ammonia reacts with another compound usu. to form an amine <the \ammonolysis of organic esters yields acid amides>
am·mo·no·lyt·ic ə-.mō-nə-'lit-ik, -.män-ə-; .am-ə-(.)nō- adj

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am·mo·nol·y·sis (am″o-nolґĭ-sis) a process analogous to hydrolysis, but in which ammonia takes the place of water, resulting in attachment of (or replacement by) an amino group, NH2.

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