AMP deaminase

AMP deaminase
An enzyme hydrolyzing adenylic acid to inosinic acid and NH3. A deficiency of A. in muscles can lead to excess fatigue following exercise. SYN: adenylic acid deaminase.

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AMP de·am·i·nase (de-amґĭ-nās) [EC] an enzyme of the hydrolase class that catalyzes the deamination of AMP to form inosine monophosphate. Isoenzyme A (myoadenylate deaminase) is present in large amounts in muscle tissue and is a major source of ammonium ions during muscle contraction. Deficiency of this isoenzyme, an autosomal recessive trait, is characterized by muscle fatigue following exercise. Two additional isoenzymes have been identified: isoenzyme B, found in liver, kidney, and testes, and isoenzyme C, found in heart muscle. Called also adenylate deaminase.

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