trigeminal cave

trigeminal cave
cavum trigeminale.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • Trigeminal cave — The trigeminal ganglion and its branches represented here as 1st division, 2nd division, and 3rd division. The Trigeminal Cave houses this ganglion. Latin cavum Meckelii, cavum trigeminale Gray s …   Wikipedia

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  • cave — A hollow or enclosed space or cavity. See cavity, cavitas, cavernous space. SYN: cavea. trigeminal c. [TA] the cleft in the meningeal layer of dura of the …   Medical dictionary

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  • ganglion of trigeminal nerve — ganglion trigeminale [TA] trigeminal ganglion: one on the sensory root of the fifth cranial nerve, situated in a cleft within the dura mater (trigeminal cave) on the anterior surface of the petrous portion of the temporal bone. It gives off the… …   Medical dictionary

  • Meckel's cave — n a space beneath the dura mater containing the trigeminal ganglion called also Meckel s cavity Meckel Johann Friedrich, the Elder (1724 1774) German anatomist. Meckel was an anatomist known for his considerable powers of observation and skill in …   Medical dictionary

  • Nerve — A bundle of fibers that uses electrical and chemical signals to transmit sensory and motor information from one body part to another. See nervous system. * * * A whitish cordlike structure composed of one or more bundles (fascicles) of myelinated …   Medical dictionary

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  • Ganglion — The celebrated 2nd century Greek physician Galen ((c. 130 201 A.D.) who lived and worked in Rome first used the word ganglion to denote a nerve complex. Ganglion still is used to refer to an aggregation of nerve cell bodies. Another use of the… …   Medical dictionary

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