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an·gio·pa·ral·y·sis (an″je-o-pə-ralґə-sis) [angio- + paralysis] vasomotor paralysis.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • angioneuropathy — A vascular disorder attributed to an abnormality of the autonomic nervous system fibers supplying the blood vessel s ( i.e., the vasomotor system. * * * an·gio·neu·rop·a·thy (an″je o n ropґə the) …   Medical dictionary

  • vasoparalysis — Paralysis, atonia, or hypotonia of blood vessel s. SYN: angiohypotonia, angioparalysis …   Medical dictionary

  • vasomotor paralysis — paralysis of vasomotor muscles; see also vasoparesis. Called also angioparalysis …   Medical dictionary

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