pyruvate dehydrogenase complex

pyruvate dehydrogenase complex
a multienzyme complex consisting of multimers of the three distinct enzymes: pyruvate dehydrogenase (acetyl-transferring) [EC], dihydrolipoyllysine-residue acetyltransferase [EC], and dihydrolipoyl dehydrogenase [EC]. The integrated enzyme complex requires the cofactors thiamine pyrophosphate, lipoic acid, coenzyme A, FAD, and NAD+. It catalyzes the formation of acetyl coenzyme A from pyruvate and coenzyme A, using NAD+ as an electron acceptor; the acetyl coenzyme A is used in fatty acid synthesis, for acetylations, and for oxidation via the tricarboxylic acid cycle. Deficiency of any component of the complex results in lacticacidemia, ataxia, and psychomotor retardation.

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