dip·sia (dipґse-ə) thirst.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • -dipsia — di·psì·a conf. TS med. stimolo della sete, relativo allo stimolo della sete, spec. con riferimento a patologie e disfunzioni: adipsia, polidipsia {{line}} {{/line}} ETIMO: der. di dipso con 1 ia …   Dizionario italiano

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  • anadipsia — Rarely used term for extreme thirst. SEE ALSO: polydipsia. [G. ana, intensive, + dipsa, thirst] * * * ana·dip·sia (an″ə dipґse ə) [ana + dipsia] extreme thirst; see hyperdipsia and polydipsia …   Medical dictionary

  • eudipsia — Ordinary mild thirst. [eu + G. dipsa, thirst] * * * eu·dip·sia (u dipґse ə) [eu + dipsia] ordinary, mild thirst …   Medical dictionary

  • hyperdipsia — Intense thirst that is relatively temporary. [hyper + G. dipsa, thirst] * * * hy·per·dip·sia (hi″pər dipґse ə) [hyper + dipsia] intense thirst of relatively brief duration …   Medical dictionary

  • hypodipsia — A physiologic condition, perhaps caused by hypertonicity of body fluids, insufficient to initiate drinking but at times sufficient to sustain drinking when started; loosely, oligodipsia. SYN: insensible thirst, subliminal thirst. [hypo + G. dipsa …   Medical dictionary

  • oligodipsia — Abnormal lack of thirst. SEE ALSO: hypodipsia. [oligo + G. dipsa, thirst] * * * n. a condition in which thirst is diminished or absent. * * * ol·i·go·dip·sia (ol″ĭ go dipґse ə) [oligo + dipsia] hypodipsia …   Medical dictionary

  • paradipsia — A perverted appetite for fluids, ingested without relation to bodily need. [para + G. dipsa, thirst] * * * para·dip·sia (par″ə dipґse ə) [para + dipsia] an abnormally increased appetite for fluids, which are ingested without… …   Medical dictionary

  • polydipsia — Excessive thirst that is relatively prolonged. [poly + G. dipsa, thirst] hysterical p. SYN: psychogenic p.. psychogenic p. excessive fluid consumption resulting from a disorder of the personality, without demonstrable organic lesion. SYN:… …   Medical dictionary