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ar·gi·ni·no·suc·cin·ase (ahr″jĭ-ne″no-sukґsĭ-nās) argininosuccinate lyase.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • argininosuccinase deficiency — ar·gi·ni·no·suc·cin·ase de·fi·cien·cy (ahr″jĭ ne″no sukґsĭ nās) argininosuccinicaciduria …   Medical dictionary

  • argininosuccinate lyase — An enzyme cleaving l argininosuccinate nonhydrolytically to l arginine and fumarate; a deficiency of this enzyme leads to argininosuccinoaciduria; a key step in the urea cycle. SYN: argininosuccinase. * * * ar·gi·ni·no·suc·cin·ate ly·ase… …   Medical dictionary

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  • argininosuccinicaciduria — A disorder of urea cycle due to a deficiency of argininosuccinate lyase; characterized by physical and mental retardation, epilepsy, ataxia, liver disease …   Medical dictionary

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