Arteriosclerosis affecting mainly the arterioles, seen especially in chronic hypertension. SYN: arteriolar sclerosis.

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ar·te·rio·lo·scle·ro·sis är-.tir-ē-.ō-(.)lō-sklə-'rō-səs, -ē-ə-.lō- n, pl -ro·ses -.sēz thickening of the intima of arterioles (as of the kidney in hypertension) by hyaline and fatty deposits that reduce the lumen and obstruct blood flow

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ar·te·rio·lo·scle·ro·sis (ahr-tēr″e-o″lo-sklə-roґsis) sclerosis and thickening of the walls of the smaller arteries (arterioles). arteriolosclerotic adj

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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