The rhizomes and stipes of Dryopteris filix-mus (European a. or male fern), or of Dryopteris marginalis (American a. or marginal fern, family Polypodiaceae); used in the treatment of tapeworm infestation, usually in the form of the oleoresin or extract, but because of its potential toxicity, its use is restricted to patients who do not respond to treatment with safer drugs such as dichlorophen, niclosamide, or quinacrine. [G. aspidion, a little shield, dim. of aspis, shield]

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as·pid·i·um as-'pid-ē-əm, əs- n, pl -ia -ē-ə a drug consisting of the rhizome and stipes esp. of the male fern used as the oleoresinous extract for the expulsion of tapeworms

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As·pid·i·um (as-pidґe-əm) [L., from Gr. aspidion little shield] Dryopteris.

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