An abnormal deposit of calcium salts in body tissues, as is seen in some forms of disease.
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A condition characterized by the deposition of calcium salts in nodular foci in various tissues other than the parenchymatous viscera; the two well-known forms, c. circumscripta and c. universalis, are not associated with tissue damage or demonstrable metabolic disease; other forms are the result of abnormal calcium and/or phosphorous metabolism. See metastatic calcification. [calcium + -osis, condition]
- c. circumscripta localized deposits of calcium salts in the skin and subcutaneous tissues, usually surrounded by a zone of granulomatous inflammation; clinically, the lesions resemble the tophi of gout.
- c. cutis a deposit of calcium in the skin; usually occurs secondary to a preexisting inflammatory, degenerative, or neoplastic dermatosis, and is frequently seen in scleroderma. See metastatic calcification. SYN: dystrophic c..
- dystrophic c. SYN: c. cutis.
- c. intervertebralis calcium deposit in vertebral disk.
- reversible c. a form of c. that can be reversed, as is observed in patients who constantly ingest large quantities of milk and alkaline medicines, as in the treatment of peptic ulcer. SEE ALSO: milk-alkali syndrome.
- tumoral c. 1. calcification of collagen, chiefly at the site of large joints, in South African blacks; probably genetic. 2. c. that develops in association with neoplastic conditions.
- c. universalis diffuse deposits of calcium salts in the skin and subcutaneous tissues, connective tissue, and other sites; may be associated with dermatomyositis, occurs more frequently in young persons, and is often fatal; serum levels of calcium and phosphorus are generally within normal limits.

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cal·ci·no·sis .kal-sə-'nō-səs n, pl -no·ses -.sēz the abnormal deposition of calcium salts in a part or tissue of the body

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the abnormal deposition of calcium salts in the tissues. This may occur only in the fat layer beneath the skin or it may be more widespread.

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cal·ci·no·sis (kal″sĭ-noґsis) dystrophic calcification in various tissues of the body. Called also Thibierge-Weissenbach syndrome.

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