Atrophy of the skin that may occur either in discrete localized areas or in widespread areas. SEE ALSO: anetoderma. SYN: atrophia cutis.
- a. albidum stocking-like type of atrophy affecting the extremities, probably congenital; first noted in early childhood on the lower limbs as a symmetric thinning that renders the parts sensitive.
- a. maculatum SYN: anetoderma.
- a. neuriticum SYN: glossy skin.
- a. of Pasini and Pierini a form of slate-colored atrophy of the skin occurring in discrete, 2-cm or larger lesions, either singly or multiply, and occasionally confluent, increasing in number and size over a period of years and then remaining constant; thought by some to be of two types: one preceded by morphea, and the other appearing with no preceding identifiable pathology.
- senile a., a. senilis the loss of collagen, with thinning and decreased elasticity of the skin associated with old age.
- a. striatum SYN: striae cutis distensae, under stria.

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at·ro·pho·der·ma (at″ro-fo-durґmə) [atropho- + derma] atrophy of the skin or of any part of it. Called also atrophia cutis and atrophodermia. See also anetoderma.

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