free gingiva

free gingiva
periodontium insertionis.

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  • Free gingival margin — The free gingival margin is the interface between the sulcular epithelium and the epithelium of the oral cavity. This interface exists at the most coronal point of the gingiva, otherwise known as the crest of the marginal gingiva.Because the… …   Wikipedia

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  • free gingival groove — a shallow groove on the facial surface of the gingiva, running parallel to the margin of the gingiva at a distance of 0.5 to 1.5 mm, and usually at the level of, or somewhat apical to, the bottom of the gingival sulcus …   Medical dictionary

  • margin — A boundary, edge, or border, as of a surface or structure. SEE ALSO: border, edge. SYN: margo [TA]. [L. margo, border, edge] acetabular m. [TA] the rim of bone around the acetabulum to whic …   Medical dictionary

  • periodontium insertionis — [TA] free gingiva: the unattached portion of the gingiva, forming the wall of the gingival crevice. Called also unattached gingiva and free gum. See also margo gingivalis …   Medical dictionary

  • margo gingivalis — [TA] gingival margin: the crest of the free gingiva that surrounds the teeth in a collarlike fashion, separated from the adjacent periodontium protectoris by the free gingival groove; it forms the wall of the gingival sulcus. Called also free… …   Medical dictionary

  • Sulcus — From the Latin for a groove, furrow, or trench. In medicine, there are many sulci (plural of sulcus) as, for example, the superior pulmonary sulcus. * * * 1. [TA] One of the grooves or furrows on the surface of the brain, bounding the several… …   Medical dictionary

  • epithelial attachment (of Gottlieb) — a band or wedge of epithelium whose external surface adheres to the tooth crown and whose internal surface adheres to the lamina propria of the free gingiva, forming a peripheral cuff that seals the periodontal tissue and protects it from foreign …   Medical dictionary

  • junctional epithelium — a collarlike band of stratified squamous epithelium adhering on one side to the free gingiva and on the other to the crown of a tooth …   Medical dictionary