Delafield hematoxylin

Delafield hematoxylin
see Stains and Staining Methods, under stain.

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  • Delafield hematoxylin — Del·a·field hematoxylin (delґə fēld) [Francis Delafield, American pathologist, 1841–1915] see Stains and Staining Methods, under stain …   Medical dictionary

  • Delafield hematoxylin stain — a preparation of hematoxylin, alcohol, ammonia alum, water, glycerin, and methanol, used as a nuclear stain …   Medical dictionary

  • hematoxylin — A crystalline compound, containing the coloring matter of Haematoxylon campechianum (logwood), from which it is obtained by extraction with ether. It is used as a dye in histology, especially for cell nuclei and chromosomes, muscle cross… …   Medical dictionary

  • Delafield — Francis, U.S. physician and pathologist, 1841–1915. See D. hematoxylin …   Medical dictionary

  • Francis Delafield — (1841 1915) was an American physician, born in New York City. He graduated at Yale (1860) and at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University (1863), and after further study abroad practiced medicine in New York. He was appointed… …   Wikipedia

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