unipolar precordial leads

unipolar precordial leads
V l's.

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  • standard leads — the 12 leads used in a standard electrocardiogram, comprising the standard bipolar limb leads (I, II and III), the augmented unipolar limb leads (aVF, aVL, and aVR), and the standard precordial leads (V1 to V6) …   Medical dictionary

  • intrinsicoid deflection — the sharp deflection occurring between the onset of the Q wave and the peak of the R wave in electrocardiography using indirect surface leads, such as unipolar precordial leads …   Medical dictionary

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  • 12-lead electrocardiography — electrocardiography performed using the twelve standard leads: the three standard bipolar limb leads, the three augmented unipolar limb leads (aVF, aVL, and aVR), and the six standard precordial leads (V1 to V6) …   Medical dictionary

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