Ghon primary lesion

Ghon primary lesion
Ghon focus.

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  • Ghon complex focus (primary lesion tubercle) — (gon) [Anton Ghon, Austrian born pathologist in Czechoslovakia, 1866–1936] see primary complex, and see under focus …   Medical dictionary

  • Ghon focus — the primary parenchymal lesion of primary pulmonary tuberculosis; when associated with a corresponding lymph node focus, it is known as the primary or Ghon complex. Called also Ghon primary lesion and Ghon tubercle. Ghon focus (arrow) in… …   Medical dictionary

  • Ghon's complex — Ghon s complex, sometimes called Ranke s complex is a lesion seen in the lung that is caused by tuberculosis. The two alternative names come from the scientists Karl Ernst Ranke, or Anton Ghon, respectively. [… …   Wikipedia

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  • Ghon focus — A Ghon focus is a primary lesion caused by mycobacterium bacilli (tuberculosis) developed in the lung of a previously uninfected individual. It is named for Anton Ghon (1866 1936), an Austrian pathologist.It is a small area of granulomatous… …   Wikipedia

  • Ghon — Anton, Czechoslovakian pathologist, 1866–1936. See G. complex, G. focus, G. primary lesion, G. tubercle …   Medical dictionary

  • Primary inoculation tuberculosis — (also known as Cutaneous primary complex, [1] Primary tuberculous complex, [2] and Tuberculous chancre [1]) is a skin condition that develops at the site of inoculation of tubercle bacilli into a tuberculosis free individual.[2]:334 …   Wikipedia

  • primary complex — 1. the combination of a parenchymal pulmonary lesion (Ghon focus or tubercle) and a corresponding lymph node focus, occurring in primary tuberculosis, usually in children; it may undergo cellular necrosis and eventually calcify. Similar lesions… …   Medical dictionary

  • ghon tubercle — ˈgän noun also ghon focus Usage: usually capitalized G Etymology: after Anton Ghon died 1936 Czechoslovakian pathologist : the primary tubercle occurring in the lung of a child as the initial lesion of tuberculous infection and appearing as a… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Tubercle — A small tuber, a small lump or bump. * * * 1. A nodule, especially in an anatomic, not pathologic, sense. 2. A circumscribed, rounded, solid elevation on the skin, mucous membrane, or surface of an organ. 3. A slight …   Medical dictionary