Litzmann obliquity

Litzmann obliquity
Litz·mann obliquity (litzґmən) [Karl Konrad Theodor Litzmann, German gynecologist, 1815–1890] see under obliquity.

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  • Litzmann obliquity — inclination of the fetal head so that the posterior parietal bone presents to the parturient canal; called also posterior asynclitism. Obliquity. (A), Concordance of the fetal and pelvic planes, synclitism; (B), Litzmann obliquity (posterior… …   Medical dictionary

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  • Litzmann — Karl K.T., German gynecologist, 1815–1890. See L. obliquity …   Medical dictionary

  • obliquity — SYN: asynclitism. Litzmann o. inclination of the fetal head so that the biparietal diameter is oblique in relation to the plane of the pelvic brim, the …   Medical dictionary

  • Carl Conrad Theodor Litzmann — (October 7, 1815 1890) was a German obstetrician and gynecologist who was a native of Schwerin. He studied medicine in Berlin, and in 1844 became a professor at Greifswald where he performed studies of obstetric physiology. In 1849 he succeeded… …   Wikipedia

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  • asynclitism — Absence of synclitism or parallelism; may be used, e.g., to refer to the axis of the presenting part of the child and the pelvic planes in childbirth, to the dental arches, or to the planes of the skull. SYN: obliquity. [G. a priv. + syn klino,… …   Medical dictionary

  • Асинклитизм (Asynclitism) — наклон черепа плода к плечу, приводящий к тому, что верхушка его черепа либо приближается к крестцу (передний асинклитизм (anterior asynclitism), или асинклитизм Негсле (Naegelc s obliquity)), либо к лобковой кости (задний асинклитизм (posterior… …   Медицинские термины

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