liver phosphorylase

liver phosphorylase
liv·er phos·phor·y·lase (livґər fos-forґə-lās) the liver isozyme of glycogen phosphorylase.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • liver phosphorylase kinase — liv·er phos·phor·y·lase ki·nase (livґər fos forґə lās kiґnās) the liver isozyme of phosphorylase kinase …   Medical dictionary

  • liver phosphorylase deficiency — liv·er phos·phor·y·lase de·fi·cien·cy (livґər fos forґə lās) glycogen storage disease, type VI …   Medical dictionary

  • Phosphorylase — is a family of allosteric enzymes that catalyze the production of glucose 1 phosphate from a polyglucose such as glycogen, starch or maltodextrin.FunctionMore generally, phosphorylases are enzymes that catalyze the addition of a phosphate group… …   Wikipedia

  • phosphorylase — A phosphorylated enzyme cleaving poly(1,4 α d glucosyl)n with orthophosphate to form poly(1,4 α d glucosyl)n−1 and α d glucose 1 phosphate. SYN: α glucan p., glycogen p., P enzyme, p. a, polyphosphorylase. p. a SYN: p.. p. b dephosphorylated p. a …   Medical dictionary

  • phosphorylase kinase — phos·phor·y·lase ki·nase (fos forґə lās kiґnās) [EC] an enzyme of the transferase class that catalyzes the phosphorylation of (inactive) glycogen phosphorylase b to form (active) glycogen phosphorylase a, a step in the… …   Medical dictionary

  • phosphorylase — n. any enzyme that catalyses the combination of an organic molecule (usually glucose) with a phosphate group (phosphorylation). Phosphorylase is found in the liver and kidney, where it is involved in the breakdown of glycogen to glucose 1… …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • Glycogen phosphorylase — Phosphorylase The crystal structure of the rabit muscle glycogen phosphorylase AMP complex. AMP allosteric site (yellow), phosporylated Ser14 (orange), glycogen binding site (blue), catalytic site (red).[1] …   Wikipedia

  • glycogen phosphorylase — gly·co·gen phos·phor·y·lase (gliґko jən fos forґə lās) [EC] an enzyme of the transferase class that catalyzes the phosphorolysis of a terminal α 1,4 glycosidic bond at the non reducing end of a glycogen molecule,… …   Medical dictionary

  • Glycogen phosphorylase isoenzyme BB — (abbreviation: GPBB) is an isoenzyme of glycogen phosphorylase. This isoform of the enzyme exists in cardiac (heart) and brain tissue. The enzyme is one of the new cardiac markers which are discussed to improve early diagnosis in acute coronary… …   Wikipedia

  • Deoxyuridine phosphorylase — Identifiers EC number CAS number 37277 77 3 …   Wikipedia

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