radiolucent medium

radiolucent medium
a contrast medium that permits the passage of x-rays.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • Radiolucent — Anything that permits the penetration and passage of X rays or other forms of radiation. Radiolucent is as opposed to radiopaque (which refers to anything that blocks the penetration of X rays). Plastic is usually radiolucent. If a child swallows …   Medical dictionary

  • radiolucent — adj. having the property of being transparent to X rays. Radiopacity decreases with atomic number of the element. Radiolucent materials, such as beryllium, are used to construct windows in X ray tubes to allow the X rays to escape from the tube.… …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • contrast medium — n a substance (as a solution of iodine or suspension of barium sulfate) comparatively opaque to X rays that is introduced into the body (as by injection or swallowing) to contrast an internal part (as the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, or blood …   Medical dictionary

  • grid — 1. A chart with horizontal and perpendicular lines for plotting curves. 2. In x ray imaging, a device formed of lead or aluminum strips for preventing scattered radiation from reaching the x ray film. [M.E. gridel, fr. L. craticula, lattice] …   Medical dictionary

  • nonopaque — non·opaque ō pāk adj not opaque esp allowing the passage of radiation (as X rays) * * * non·opaque (non″o pākґ) not opaque, such as a radiolucent medium …   Medical dictionary

  • Radiopaque — Anything that does not let X rays or other types of radiation penetrate. Radiopaque objects block radiation. They are opaque to radiation. A metal object, for example, is typically radiopaque. If a child swallows a coin and it goes down into the… …   Medical dictionary

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  • tumor — 1. Any swelling or tumefaction. 2. SYN: neoplasm. 3. One of the four signs of inflammation (t., calor, dolor, rubor) enunciated by Celsus. [L. t., a swelling] acinar cell t. a …   Medical dictionary

  • line — 1. A mark, strip, or streak. In anatomy, a long, narrow mark, strip, or streak distinguished from the adjacent tissues by color, texture, or elevation. SEE ALSO: linea. 2. A unit of …   Medical dictionary

  • angiography — Radiography of vessels after the injection of a radiopaque contrast material; usually requires percutaneous insertion of a radiopaque catheter and positioning under fluoroscopic control. SEE ALSO …   Medical dictionary

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