Ziehl-Neelsen method

Ziehl-Neelsen method
see Stains and Staining Methods, under stain.

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  • Ziehl-Neelsen carbolfuchsin solution — Ziehl Neelsen carbolfuchsin. See also Ziehl Neelsen staining method, at Table of Stains and Staining Methods, under stain …   Medical dictionary

  • Ziehl-Neelsen staining method — a stain for acid fast organisms. A heat fixed smear is flooded with Ziehl Neelsen carbolfuchsin, heated for 5 minutes, cooled, and washed. The slide is decolorized with acid alcohol, washed, and counterstained with methylene blue. Acid fast… …   Medical dictionary

  • Ziehl-Neelsen carbolfuchsin — a mixture of basic fuchsin and liquefied phenol in alcohol and purified water; used in the Ziehl Neelsen staining method (see at Stains and Staining Methods, under stain) …   Medical dictionary

  • Ziehl-Neelsen carbolfuchsin staining method — Ziehl Neel·sen carbolfuchsin, staining method (tsēlґ nālґsen) [Franz Ziehl, German bacteriologist, 1857–1926; Friedrich Karl Adolf Neelsen, German pathologist, 1854–1894] see under carbolfuchsin, and at Stains and Staining Methods,… …   Medical dictionary

  • Friedrich Neelsen — Friedrich Carl Adolf Neelsen (* 29 March 1854 Uetersen; † April 11 1898 Dresden ) was a German pathologist. LifeFriedrich C.A. Neelsen came as a son of Hans Friedrich Neelsen deacon and his wife Bertha Sophia, born Lueders, in the vicarage in… …   Wikipedia

  • Kinyoun staining method — a stain for acid fast organisms that does not require heating the stained slides. A heat fixed smear is treated with Kinyoun carbolfuchsin. The slide is washed with water, decolorized with acid alcohol, and counterstained with methylene blue.… …   Medical dictionary

  • Fite method — a staining method used for acid fast microorganisms. Tissue sections are deparaffinized in 2:1 xylene and peanut oil, then stained with Ziehl Neelsen carbolfuchsin, decolorized with acid alcohol, and counterstained with methylene blue …   Medical dictionary

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