semispinalis thoracis muscle

semispinalis thoracis muscle
musculus semispinalis thoracis.

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  • semispinalis thoracis — semispinalis tho·ra·cis thə rā səs n a deep longitudinal muscle of the back that arises from the transverse processes of the lower five thoracic vertebrae, is inserted into the spinous processes of the upper four thoracic and lower two cervical… …   Medical dictionary

  • Transversus thoracis muscle — Posterior surface of sternum and costal cartilages, showing Transversus thoracis. Latin musculus transversus thoracis …   Wikipedia

  • musculus semispinalis thoracis — [TA] semispinal muscle of thorax: origin, transverse processes of sixth to tenth thoracic vertebrae; insertion, spinous processes of two lower cervical and four upper thoracic vertebrae; innervation, spinal nerves; action, extends, rotates… …   Medical dictionary

  • Muscle — is the tissue of the body which primarily functions as a source of power. There are three types of muscle in the body. Muscle which is responsible for moving extremities and external areas of the body is called "skeletal muscle." Heart… …   Medical dictionary

  • Semispinalis dorsi — Muscle infobox Name = PAGENAME Latin = musculus semispinalis thoracis, musculus semispinalis dorsi GraySubject = 115 GrayPage = 400 Caption = Deep muscles of the back. (Semispinalis dorsi visible at center left.) Caption2 = Origin = transverse… …   Wikipedia

  • semispinalis cervicis — semispinalis cer·vi·cis sər və səs n a deep longitudinal muscle of the back that arises from the transverse processes of the upper five or six thoracic vertebrae, is inserted into the cervical spinous processes from the axis to the fifth cervical …   Medical dictionary

  • semispinalis — semi·spi·na·lis .spī nā ləs n, pl les .lēz any of three muscles of the cervical and thoracic parts of the spinal column that arise from transverse processes of the vertebrae and pass to spinous processes higher up and that help to form a layer… …   Medical dictionary

  • Semispinalis capitis — Section of the neck at about the level of the sixth cervical vertebra. Showing the arrangement of the fascia coli. (Semispinalis capitis visible at bottom right.) …   Wikipedia

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  • musculus semispinalis — [TA] semispinal muscle: a muscle composed of fibers extending obliquely from the transverse processes of the vertebrae to the spine, except for the semispinalis capitis; it includes the m. semispinalis capitis, m. semispinalis cervicis, and m.… …   Medical dictionary