anterior occlusion

anterior occlusion

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  • anterior synechia — n SYNECHIA (a) * * * adhesion of the base of the iris to the cornea, producing occlusion of the chamber angle; it may be caused by glaucoma, cataract, or intraocular tumors, or occur after perforation resulting from keratitis, iridocyclitis,… …   Medical dictionary

  • occlusion — 1. The act of closing or the state of being closed. 2. In chemistry, the absorption of a gas by a metal or the inclusion of one substance within another (as in a gelatinous precipitate). 3. Any contact between the incising or masticating surfaces …   Medical dictionary

  • Anterior cerebral artery — Infobox Artery Name = Anterior cerebral artery Latin = arteria cerebri anterior GraySubject = 146 GrayPage = 571 Width = 335 Caption = Outer surface of cerebral hemisphere, showing areas supplied by cerebral arteries. (Blue is region supplied by… …   Wikipedia

  • Anterior ischemic optic neuropathy — AION redirects here. For other uses, see Aion (disambiguation). Anterior ischemic optic neuropathy Classification and external resources ICD 10 H47.0 ICD 9 …   Wikipedia

  • Anterior choroidal artery — Artery: Anterior choroidal artery Latin arteria choroidea anterior Gray s subject #147 574 …   Wikipedia

  • Anterior inferior cerebellar artery — Infobox Artery Name = PAGENAME Latin = a. cerebelli inferior anterior GraySubject = 148 GrayPage = 580 Width = 250 Caption = The three major arteries of the cerebellum: the SCA, AICA, and PICA. (Anterior inferior cerebellar artery is AICA.)… …   Wikipedia

  • anterior guide — the part of a dental articulator on which the anterior guide pin rests to maintain the vertical dimension of occlusion; it influences the degree of separation of the casts in eccentric relationships …   Medical dictionary

  • Mutually protected occlusion — In dentistry, a mutually protected occlusion is an occlusal scheme in which the anterior teeth protect the posterior teeth, and vice versa. The anterior teeth protect the posterior teeth by providing for a plane of guidance during excursions,… …   Wikipedia

  • edge-to-edge occlusion — end to end occlusion occlusion in which the anterior maxillary and mandibular teeth meet along their incisal edges when the mandible is in centric position. Called also edge to edge bite and end to end bite …   Medical dictionary

  • labial occlusion — the position of an anterior tooth when it is outside (labial to) the line of occlusion …   Medical dictionary