processus uncinatus vertebrae cervicalis

processus uncinatus vertebrae cervicalis
TA alternative for uncus corporis vertebrae cervicalis.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • uncus corporis vertebrae cervicalis — [TA] uncus of body of cervical vertebra: a hooklike projection found on each side of the superior surface of the third to seventh cervical vertebral bodies. It is a frequent site of formation of spurs (osteophytes), leading to spondylosis… …   Medical dictionary

  • processus — SYN: process (1). [L. see process] p. accessorius vertebrae lumbalis [TA] SYN: accessory process of lumbar vertebra. p. alveolaris maxillae SYN: alveolar process of maxilla. SEE ALSO: alveolar bone (2). p. anterior mallei [TA] SYN …   Medical dictionary

  • Process — In anatomy, a process is a projection from a structure. The process of the mandible is the part of the lower jaw that projects forward. In a more general sense, a process is a series of actions or events that are part of a system or of a… …   Medical dictionary

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