1. An instance of disease with its attendant circumstances. Cf.:patient. 2. A box or container. [L. casus, an occurrence]
- borderline c. a patient, whose clinical findings are suggestive, but not fully convincing, of a specific diagnosis.
- index c. SYN: proband.
- trial c. in refraction, a box containing lenses for testing.
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Community, Attachment, Structures and Epidemic [study]; computer-aided simulation of clinical encounter; computer-aided systems engineering; Coordinated Activities, Services, and Encounters [data]

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case 'kās n
1) the circumstances and situation of a particular person or group
2 a) an instance of disease or injury <10 \cases of pneumonia>
b) PATIENT (1)

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(kās) 1. a particular instance of disease, as a case of leukemia; sometimes used incorrectly to designate the patient with the disease. 2. a term sometimes used incorrectly in dentistry to designate a flask, denture, casting, or the like.

Medical dictionary. 2011.