retinitis sclopetaria

retinitis sclopetaria
a severe traumatic retinal lesion, as from the impact of a bullet.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • retinitis — Inflammation of the retina. [retina + G. itis, inflammation] albuminuric r. hypertensive retinopathy. circinate r. circinate retinopathy. diabetic r. diabetic retinopathy …   Medical dictionary

  • chorioretinitis — SYN: retinochoroiditis. c. sclopetaria proliferation of fibrous tissue in the choroid and retina as the result of contusion of the sclera by a high velocity missile. [L. sclopetum, 14th century Italian handgun] * * * cho·rio·ret·i·ni·tis .ret ən… …   Medical dictionary

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