Meckel space

Meckel space
cavum trigeminale.

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  • Meckel's cave — n a space beneath the dura mater containing the trigeminal ganglion called also Meckel s cavity Meckel Johann Friedrich, the Elder (1724 1774) German anatomist. Meckel was an anatomist known for his considerable powers of observation and skill in …   Medical dictionary

  • Meckel band (ligament) ganglion space — Meck·el band (ligament), ganglion, space (mekґəl) [Johann Friedrich Meckel (the elder), German anatomist, 1724–1774] see under band, and see cavum trigeminale, ganglion pterygopalatinum, and ganglion submandibulare …   Medical dictionary

  • meckel's cave — noun Usage: usually capitalized M Etymology: after Johann F. Meckel died 1774 German anatomist : a space beneath the dura mater lodging the gasserian ganglion …   Useful english dictionary

  • space — Any demarcated portion of the body, either an area of the surface, a segment of the tissues, or a cavity. SEE ALSO: area, region, zone. SYN: spatium [TA]. [L. spatium, room, s.] alveolar dead s …   Medical dictionary

  • Meckel — Johann F., the younger, German comparative anatomist and embryologist, 1781–1833. See M. scan, M. syndrome, M. cartilage, M. diverticulum, M. plane, M. Gruber syndrome. Johann F., the elder, German anatomist and obstetrician, 1714–1774. See M.… …   Medical dictionary

  • Johann Friedrich Meckel, the Elder — Johann Friedrich Meckel the Elder (July 31, 1724 September 18, 1774) was a German anatomist who was born in Wetzlar. He often has the Elder appended to his name to avoid confusion with his famous grandson Johann Friedrich Meckel (1781 1833), who… …   Wikipedia

  • cave — A hollow or enclosed space or cavity. See cavity, cavitas, cavernous space. SYN: cavea. trigeminal c. [TA] the cleft in the meningeal layer of dura of the …   Medical dictionary

  • cavum trigeminale — [TA] trigeminal cave: the small outpocketing of the dura mater surrounding the ganglion and divisions of the trigeminal nerve at the end of the petrous portion of the temporal bone; it contains the trigeminal ganglion. Called also Meckel space,… …   Medical dictionary

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