Rhodesian trypanosomiasis

Rhodesian trypanosomiasis
rhodesiense trypanosomiasis East African t.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • trypanosomiasis — Any disease caused by a trypanosome. SYN: trypanosomosis. acute t. SYN: Rhodesian t.. African t. a serious endemic disease in tropical Africa, of two types: Gambian or West African t. and Rhodesian or East African t.. American t. See South… …   Medical dictionary

  • trypanosomiasis — /tri pan euh soh muy euh sis, trip euh neuh /, n. Pathol. any infection caused by a trypanosome. [1900 05; TRYPANOSOME + IASIS] * * * ▪ pathology  infectious disease in both humans and animals caused by certain members of the flagellate protozoa… …   Universalium

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  • East African trypanosomiasis — the usually acute, more severe, often fatal form of African trypanosomiasis, occurring in East Africa, caused by Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense, transmitted by the bites of infected tsetse flies, chiefly Glossina pallidipes, G. morsitans, and G.… …   Medical dictionary

  • sickness — SYN: disease (1). acute African sleeping s. SYN: Rhodesian trypanosomiasis. aerial s. SYN: altitude s.. African sleeping s. Gambian trypanosomiasis, Rhodesian trypanosomiasis. air s. a form of motion s. caused by flying in an airplane. altitude s …   Medical dictionary

  • Trypanosoma — A genus of asexual digenetic protozoan flagellates (family Trypanosomatidae) that have a spindle shaped body with an undulating membrane on one side, a single anterior flagellum, and a kinetoplast …   Medical dictionary

  • pentamidine isethionate — A toxic but effective drug used in the prophylaxis and treatment of early stages of both types of African sleeping sickness (Gambian and Rhodesian trypanosomiasis). It does not cross the blood brain barrier and is not effective in the treatment… …   Medical dictionary

  • kaodzera — A disease prevalent in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia), similar to sleeping sickness, caused by Trypanosoma rhodesiense. SEE ALSO: Rhodesian trypanosomiasis …   Medical dictionary

  • sleeping sickness — Pathol. 1. Also called African sleeping sickness, African trypanosomiasis. a generally fatal disease, common in parts of Africa, characterized by fever, wasting, and progressive lethargy: caused by a parasitic protozoan, Trypanosoma gambiense or… …   Universalium

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