Westergren method tube

Westergren method tube
Wes·ter·gren method, tube (vesґter-gren) [Alf Vilhelm Albertsson Westergren, Swedish physician, 1891–1968] see under method and tube.

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  • Westergren method — n a method for estimating the sedimentation rate of red blood cells in fluid blood by observing the level to which the cells fall in one hour in a tube of 2 or 2.5 mm bore that is 300 mm long and is graduated downward in millimeters from 0 to 200 …   Medical dictionary

  • Westergren tube — a straight glass pipette 30 cm long and 2.5 mm in internal diameter, marked in millimeters from 0 to 200 and used in the Westergren method of determining the erythrocyte sedimentation rate …   Medical dictionary

  • method — The mode or manner or orderly sequence of events of a process or procedure. SEE ALSO: fixative, operation, procedure, stain, technique. [G. methodos; fr. meta, after, + hodos, way] Abell Kendall m. a …   Medical dictionary

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