Applied to a surface that is evenly curved outward, the segment of a sphere. [L. convexus, vaulted, arched, c., fr. con-veho, to bring together]
- high c. the segment of a sphere of short radius.
- low c. the segment of a sphere of long radius.

* * *

con·vex kän-'veks; 'kän-., kən-' adj curved or rounded like the exterior of a sphere or circle <\convex lenses are used to correct for farsightedness>
con·vex·i·ty kən-'vek-sət-ē, kän- n, pl -ties

* * *

con·vex (kon-veksґ) [L. convexus] having a rounded, somewhat elevated surface, resembling a segment of the external surface of a sphere.

Medical dictionary. 2011.


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