1. Version toward the right. 2. In ophthalmology, a conjugate rotation of both eyes to the right. [dextro- + L. verto, pp. versus, to turn]
- d. of the heart SYN: corrected dextrocardia.

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dex·tro·ver·sion 'dek-strə-.vər-zhən, -shən n movement or turning (as of the eyes) to the right

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dex·tro·ver·sion (dek″stro-vurґzhən) [dextro- + version] 1. version to the right side; especially movement of the eyes to the right. 2. location of the heart in the right hemithorax, the left ventricle remaining on the left as in the normal position, but lying anterior to the right ventricle.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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