1. To make a hole in bone or other hard substance. 2. An instrument for making or enlarging a hole in bone or in a tooth. [Middle Dutch drillen, to bore]
- bur d. bur.
- dental d. a rotary power-driven instrument into which cutting points may be inserted. SEE ALSO: handpiece.

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drill 'dril vt to make a hole in with a drill <the dentist \drilled the tooth for a filling> vi to make a hole with a drill <painless dental \drilling>
drill n an instrument with an edged or pointed end for making holes in hard substances (as bones or teeth) by revolving

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(in dentistry) a rotary instrument used to remove tooth substance, particularly in the treatment of caries. It consists of a handpiece that takes variously shaped bur. Most drilling is done with an air-driven turbine handpiece, but some is performed with a much slower mechanically driven handpiece. Drills usually have a waterspray coolant and may have a fibre-optic light.

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(dril) [Ger. drillen] 1. a rotating cutting instrument for making holes in hard substances, such as bones or teeth. 2. bur (def. 1). 3. to bore or scoop out with such an instrument.

Medical dictionary. 2011.


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