Difficult and painful menstruation. SYN: menorrhalgia. [dys- + G. men, month, + rhoia, a flow]
- functional d. SYN: primary d..
- mechanical d. d. due to obstruction of discharge of menstrual blood, as in cervical stenosis. SYN: obstructive d..
- membranous d. d. accompanied by an exfoliation of the menstrual decidua.
- obstructive d. SYN: mechanical d..
- ovarian d. a form of secondary d. due to disease of an ovary.
- primary d. d. due to a functional disturbance and not due to inflammation, new growths, or anatomic factors. SYN: functional d..
- secondary d. d. due to inflammation, infection, tumor, or anatomical factors.
- spasmodic d. d. accompanied by painful contractions of the uterus.
- tubal d. a form of secondary d. due to stenosis or other abnormal condition of the fallopian tubes.
- ureteric d. a form of secondary d. characterized by pain due to spasm of the ureter occurring at the time of the menses.
- uterine d. a form of secondary d. resulting from disease of the uterus.
- vaginal d. a form of secondary d. due to obstruction or other abnormal condition in the vagina.

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dys·men·or·rhea or chiefly Brit dys·men·or·rhoea (.)dis-.men-ə-'rē-ə n painful menstruation see SPASMODIC DYSMENORRHEA
dys·men·or·rhe·ic or chiefly Brit dys·men·or·rhoe·ic -'rē-ik adj

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dys·men·or·rhea (dis-men″ə-reґə) [dys- + menorrhea] painful menstruation.

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