An emotional state sometimes characterized by its potential for impulsive or poorly controlled activity.
- catatonic e. an excited catatonic state seen in one of the schizophrenic disorders. See catatonia.
- manic e. an excited mental state seen in a bipolar (manic-depressive) disorder characterized by hyperactivity, talkativeness, flight of ideas, pressured speech, grandiosity, and, occasionally, grandiose delusions. See mania, manic-depressive. SYN: acute mania.

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ex·cite·ment -'sīt-mənt n
1) the act of exciting
2) the state of being excited: as
a) aroused, augmented, or abnormal activity of an organism or functioning of an organ or part
b) extreme motor hyperactivity (as in catatonic schizophrenia or bipolar disorder)

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ex·cite·ment (ek-sītґment) response to stimuli, often used specifically to denote excessive responsiveness to stimuli, particularly of an emotional nature, and often leading to impulsive activity.

Medical dictionary. 2011.


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