Sexual reproduction by means of conjugation of two gametes of different ancestry, as in certain protozoan species. [exo- + G. gamos, marriage]

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ex·og·a·my ek-'säg-ə-mē n, pl -mies
1) marriage outside of a specific group esp. as required by custom or law
2) sexual reproduction between individuals (as of a particular species) that are not closely related
ex·og·a·mous ek-'säg-ə-məs or exo·gam·ic .ek-sə-'gam-ik adj

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ex·og·a·my (ek-sogґə-me) [exo- + Gr. gamos marriage] 1. fertilization by the union of cells not derived from the same parent cell. Cf. autogamy and endogamy (def. 1). 2. marriage outside a particular community, range, or other group.

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