1. To direct a patient's interests, thoughts, or feelings into a channel leading outside the self, to some definite aim or object. 2. To expose an organ temporarily for observation, or permanently for purposes of experiment. 3. Fixation of a segment of bowel with blood supply intact to the outer aspect of the abdominal wall.

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ex·te·ri·or·ize or Brit ex·te·ri·or·ise ek-'stir-ē-ə-.rīz vt, -ized or Brit -ised; -iz·ing or Brit -is·ing
2) to bring out of the body (as for surgery) <the section of perforated colon was exteriorized>
ex·te·ri·or·iza·tion or Brit ex·te·ri·or·isa·tion -.stir-ē-ə-rə-'zā-shən n

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ex·te·ri·or·ize (ek-stērґe-ə-rīz″) 1. to form a correct mental reference of the image of an object seen. 2. in psychiatry, to turn one's interest outward. 3. to transpose an internal organ to the exterior of the body.

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