1. Symbol for fractional concentration, followed by subscripts indicating location and chemical species; Fahrenheit; farad; fertility; visual field; fluorine; folate; filial generation, followed by subscript numerals indicating specified matings; phenylalanine; variance ratio. 2. Abbreviation for focus (1); French scale.
Symbol for faraday, Faraday constant, force; free energy.
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bioavailability; a cell that donates F factor in bacterial conjugation; coefficient of inbreeding; a conjugative plasmid in F+ bacterial cells; degree of fineness of abrasive particles; facies; factor; Fahrenheit; failure; false; family; farad; Faraday constant; fascia; fasting; fat; father; feces; fellow; female; fermentation; fertility; fetal; fiat; fibroblast; fibrous; field of vision; filament; Filaria; fine; finger; flexion; flow; fluorine; flux; focal [spot]; focus; foil; fontanel; foramen; force; form, forma; formula; fornix; fossa; fraction, fractional; fracture; fragment; free; French [catheter]; frequency; frontal; frontal electrode placement in electroencephalography; function; fundus; Fusiformis; fusion; Fusobacterium; gilbert; Helmholz free energy; hydrocortisone [compound F]; inbreeding coefficient; left foot electrode in vectorcardiography; phenylalanine; variance ratio

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1) Fahrenheit
2) French
F symbol fluorine

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Fahrenheit (see under scale); farad; fertility (see under plasmid); visual field; fluorine; formula; French (see under scale); phenylalanine.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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