SYN: fomes. [L. fomitis, gen. of fomes. See fomes.]

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fo·mite 'fō-.mīt n, pl fo·mites -.mīts; 'fäm-ə-.tēz, 'fōm- an inanimate object (as a dish, toy, book, doorknob, or clothing) that may be contaminated with infectious organisms and serve in their transmission <the much maligned toilet seat is a remarkably ineffective \fomite (M. F. Rein)> <what are the most common fomites for rotavirus in day-care settings (Pediatric Report's Child Health Newsletter)>

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fo·mite (foґmīt) [back-formation from Latin plural fomites] an object, such as a book, wooden object, or an article of clothing, that is not in itself harmful, but is able to harbor pathogenic microorganisms and thus may serve as an agent of transmission of an infection. Called also fomes.

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