Destruction of tissue by means of a high-frequency electric current : direct f. utilizes an insulated electrode with a metal point, which is connected to the uniterminal of the high-frequency apparatus, from which a spark of electricity is allowed to impinge on the area to be treated; indirect f. involves directly connecting the patient by a metal handle to the uniterminal and utilizing an active electrode to complete an arc from the patient. [L. fulgur, lightning stroke]

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ful·gu·ra·tion .fu̇l-g(y)ə-'rā-shən, .fu̇l-jə-, .fəl- n ELECTRODESICCATION
ful·gu·rate 'fu̇l-g(y)ə-.rāt, -jə-, 'fəl- vt, -rat·ed; -rat·ing

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the destruction with a diathermy instrument of warts, growths, or unwanted areas of tissue, particularly inside the bladder. This latter operation is performed via the urethra and viewed through a cystoscope.

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ful·gu·ra·tion (ful″gu-raґshən) [L. fulgur lightning] destruction of living tissue by electric sparks generated by a high frequency current. See electrocautery.

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