Occurring in the daytime. A patient may have a diurnal fever rather than a nocturnal one. Diurnal also can refer to recurring every day. Pronounced die-URN-ul, it comes from the Latin "dies" for day, the root of many words including circadian (about a day, about 24 hours), quotidian (which also means recurring every day), journal, etc.
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1. Pertaining to the daylight hours; opposite of nocturnal. 2. Repeating once each 24 hours, e.g., a d. variation or a d. rhythm. Cf.:circadian. [L. diurnus, of the day]

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di·ur·nal dī-'ərn-əl adj
1) having a daily cycle <\diurnal rhythms>
2 a) of, relating to, or occurring in the daytime <\diurnal activity>
b) chiefly active during the daytime <\diurnal mosquitoes>
di·ur·nal·ly -əl-ē adv

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relating to the daylight hours; daily. See circadian.

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di·ur·nal (di-urґnəl) [L. dies day] occurring during the day.

Medical dictionary. 2011.


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