An apparatus for conversion of chemical, mechanical, atomic, or other forms of energy into electricity. [g., a begetter, producer]
- aerosol g. a device for producing airborne suspensions of small particles for inhalation therapy or experimental work; e.g., a La Mer g., spinning disk, or vibrating reed, each of which produces a monodisperse aerosol.
- asynchronous pulse g. a g. in which the rate of discharge is independent of the natural activity of the heart. SYN: fixed rate pulse g..
- atrial synchronous pulse g. a ventricular stimulating pulse whose rate of discharge is directly determined by the atrial rate. SYN: atrial triggered pulse g..
- atrial triggered pulse g. SYN: atrial synchronous pulse g..
- demand pulse g. SYN: ventricular inhibited pulse g..
- fixed rate pulse g. SYN: asynchronous pulse g..
- pulse g. a device that produces an electrical discharge with a regular or rhythmic waveform in which the electromotive force varies in a specific pattern in relation to time; e.g., in an electronic pacemaker, it produces an electric discharge at regular intervals, and these intervals may be modified by a sensory circuit that can reset the time-base for subsequent discharge on the basis of other electrical activity, such as that produced by spontaneous cardiac beating.
- radionuclide g. a column containing a large amount of a particular radionuclide (mother radionuclide) that decays down to a second radionuclide of shorter physical half-life; the daughter radionuclide is separated from the parent by the process of elution and affords a continuing supply of relatively short-lived radionuclides for laboratory use; the elution is loosely termed “milking” with the g. referred to as a “radioactive cow.”
- standby pulse g. SYN: ventricular inhibited pulse g..
- ventricular inhibited pulse g. a g. which suppresses its output in response to natural ventricular activity but which, in the absence of such activity, functions as an asynchronous pulse g.. SYN: demand pulse g., standby pulse g..
- ventricular synchronous pulse g. a pulse which delivers its output synchronously with naturally occurring ventricular activity but which, in the absence of such activity, functions as an asynchronous pulse g.. SYN: ventricular triggered pulse g..
- x-ray g. the electronic device that controls production of x-rays in radiography; a key function is rectification of line voltage to produce a smooth direct current voltage to the x-ray tube.

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gen·er·a·tor (jenґər-a″tər) 1. something that produces or causes to exist. 2. a machine that converts mechanical to electrical energy.

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