An ester of glycerol. The term is usually used in combination with phospho- (phosphoglyceride). The use of mono-, di-, and triglyceride is being replaced by the more precise terms mono-, di-, and triacylglycerol, respectively.
- mixed glycerides glycerides which, on hydrolysis, yield more than one variety of fatty acid.

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glyc·er·ide 'glis-ə-.rīd n an ester of glycerol esp. with fatty acids
glyc·er·id·ic .glis-ə-'rid-ik adj

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a lipid consisting of glycerol (an alcohol) combined with one or more fatty acids. See also triglyceride.

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glyc·er·ide (glisґər-īd) glycerol esterified with one or more organic acids, particularly with long chain fatty acids. Glycerides are classified as mono-, di-, or triglycerides as a function of the number of such substituents. Called also acylglycerol.

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