1. Restoring to health; promoting the closure of wounds and ulcers. 2. The process of a return to health. 3. Closing of a wound. SEE ALSO: union.
- faith h. a treatment utilized since antiquity based upon prayer and a profound belief in divine intervention in human affairs.
- h. by first intention h. by fibrous adhesion, without suppuration or granulation tissue formation. SYN: primary adhesion, primary union.
- h. by second intention delayed closure of two granulating surfaces. SYN: secondary adhesion, secondary union.
- h. by third intention the slow filling of a wound cavity or ulcer by granulations, with subsequent cicatrization.

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heal·ing 'hē-liŋ n
1) the act or process of curing or of restoring to health
2) the process of getting well
healing adj tending to heal or cure: CURATIVE <a \healing art>

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heal·ing (hēlґing) 1. a process of cure. 2. the restoration of integrity to injured tissue.

Medical dictionary. 2011.