1. Proximal portion of the plantar surface of the foot. 2. SYN: calx (2). 3. SYN: distal end. [A.S. hela]
- black h. SYN: calcaneal petechiae.
- cracked h. SYN: keratoderma plantare sulcatum.
- painful h. a condition in which bearing weight on the h. causes pain of varying severity. SYN: calcaneodynia.
- prominent h. a condition marked by a tender swelling on the os calcis due to a thickening of the periosteum or fibrous tissue covering the back of the os calcis.

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heel 'hē(ə)l n
1 a) the back of the human foot below the ankle and behind the arch
b) the back of the hind limb of other vertebrates homologous with the human heel
2) an anatomical structure suggestive of the human heel: as
a) the hind part of a hoof
b) either of the projections of a coffin bone
c) the part of the palm of the hand nearest the wrist

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the part of the foot that extends behind the ankle joint, formed by the heel bone (see calcaneus).

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(hēl) 1. calx (def. 2). 2. the posterior part of the wall of a horse's hoof.

Medical dictionary. 2011.