Conjugate rotation of the upper poles of each cornea inward. [L. in-torqueo, pp. tortus, to twist]

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in·tor·sion or in·tor·tion in-'tȯr-shən n inward rotation (as of a body part) about an axis or a fixed point esp rotation of the eye around its anteroposterior axis so that the upper part moves toward the nose compare EXTORSION
in·tor·sion·al -'tȯr-sh(ə-)nəl adj
in·tort·ed -'tȯrt-əd adj

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in·tor·sion (in-torґshən) [L. in toward + torsio twisting] inward rotation of the upper pole of the vertical meridian of each eye; called also adtorsion and conclination. Cf. extorsion.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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