isopropyl alcohol

isopropyl alcohol
An isomer of propyl alcohol and a homologue of ethyl alcohol, similar in its properties, when used externally, to the latter, but more toxic when taken internally; used as an ingredient of various cosmetics and of medicinal preparations for external use; also available as isopropyl rubbing alcohol, which contains 68 to 72% of i. (by volume) in water; used as a rubefacient. SYN: dimethylcarbinol, isopropanol.

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isopropyl alcohol n a volatile flammable alcohol C3H8O used esp. as a solvent and rubbing alcohol called also isopropanol

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[USP] an isomer of propyl alcohol and a homologue of ethyl alcohol, having disinfectant properties similar to those of ethyl alcohol; used as a solvent and disinfectant and applied topically as an antiseptic. Called also dimethyl carbinol and isopropanol.

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