1. Limitation to a definite area. 2. The reference of a sensation to its point of origin. 3. The determination of the location of a morbid process.
- auditory l. in sensory psychology, the naming or pointing to directions from which sounds emanate.
- cerebral l. 1. the mapping of the cerebral cortex into areas and the correlation of the various areas with cerebral function. 2. determination of the site of a brain lesion on the basis of the signs and symptoms manifested by the patient or by neuroimaging.
- germinal l. SYN: fate map.
- radiotherapy l. planning the size and alignment of radiation beams to encompass the neoplasm to be treated.
- spatial l. the reference of a visual sensation to a definite locality in space.
- stereotaxic l. l. of intracerebral nuclei by coordinates with reference to anatomic landmarks in the brain.

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lo·cal·iza·tion also Brit lo·cal·isa·tion .lō-kə-lə-'zā-shən n
1) restriction (as of a lesion) to a limited area of the body
2) restriction of functional centers (as of sight, smell, or speech) to a particular section of the brain

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lo·cal·iza·tion (lo″kəl-ĭ-zaґshən) 1. the determination of the site or place of any process or lesion. 2. restriction to a circumscribed or limited area. 3. prelocalization.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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