1. Relating to medicine or the practice of medicine. SYN: medicinal (2). 2. SYN: medicinal (1). [L. medicalis, fr medicus, physician]

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med·i·cal 'med-i-kəl adj
1) of, relating to, or concerned with physicians or the practice of medicine often as distinguished from surgery
2) requiring or devoted to medical treatment <a \medical emergency>
med·i·cal·ly -k(ə-)lē adv
medical n a medical examination

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1. of or relating to medicine, the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.
2. of or relating to conditions that require the attention of a physician rather than a surgeon. For example, a medical ward of a hospital accommodates patients with such conditions.

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med·i·cal (medґĭ-kəl) pertaining to medicine or to the treatment of diseases; pertaining to medicine as opposed to surgery.

Medical dictionary. 2011.